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The camera series MV1-D2048x1088(I/C)-96-G2 is based on the CMOSIS CMV2000 CMOS image sensor. The CMOSIS CMV2000 CMOS image sensors are optimized for low light conditions and are available as standard monochrome, as NIR (I) and as colour (C) version. The cameras have the GigE interface (GigEVision).

These cameras focus on demanding applications in industrial image processing. They are optimized for low light applications. Due to the global shutter, even high-speed applications with exposure times in the µs-area are possible.

Image Sensor Specifications
Manufacturer / Type CMOSIS / CMV2000
Technology CMOS
Optical format 2/3″
Optical diagonal 12.76mm
Resolution 2048 x 1088
Pixel size 5.5µm x 5.5µm
Active optical area 11.26mm x 5.98mm
Dark current 125e-
Read out noise 13eFull well capacity / SNR 11ke-
/ 105: 1
Spectral range Monochrome: < 350 to 950nm (to 10% of peak responsivity) NIR: < 350 to 1000nm (to 10% of peak responsivity) Color: < 380 to 670nm (to 10% of peak responsivity) Responsivity Monochrome: 1100 x 10³ DN / (J/m²) @ 520nm / 8bit NIR: 900 x 10³ DN / (J/m²) @ 850nm / 8bit Color: 857 x 10³ DN / (J/m²) @ 540nm / 8bit Quantum Efficiency Monochrome: > 60%
NIR: > 60%
Color: > 45%
Optical fill factor 42% without micro lenses
Dynamic range 60dB
Characteristic curve Linear, Piecewise linear
Shutter mode Global shutter

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