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55975 – BANNER

Max Measurement Range >500 mm – <=1000 mm Power DC Sensing Beam Ultrasonic PC Configurable No Sensing Mode (General) Proximity Sensing Mode (Detailed) Time of Flight Housing Style Barrel Device Type Sensor Primary Housing Material PBT Input/Output Analog & Discrete Indicator LED(s) Analog Output Configuration 4-20 mA Connection Integral QD Analog Resolution/Discrete Repeatability +/- 0.25% of measured distance (0.5 min) Quick Disconnect Type M12 (Euro) Max Sensing Distance (mm) 1000 Minimum Sensing Distance (mm) 150 Power Supply 12-24 V dc Adjustments Teach Button Temperature Effect (mm/°C) 0.2% of sensing distance/°C Number of Pins 5 Vibration MIL-STD-202F req. Method 201A (vibration:10 to 60Hz max., double amplitude 0.06", max acc. 10G). Mechanical Shock IEC 60947-5-2 requirements: 30G 11 ms duration, half sine wave Output Saturation Voltage PNP Outputs < 1.0 V at 10 mA ; < 1.5 V at 100 mA Analog Current Output Rating 1 Ω to [(Vcc-7 V)/0.02 A] Ω Max Discrete (Switched) Output (mA) 100 Discrete (Switched) Outputs 1 PNP Output Protection Protected against false pulse on power-up and continuous overload or short-circuit of outputs IP Rating IP67 NEMA Rating NEMA 6P Max Operating Temperature (°C) 70 Min Operating Temperature (°C) -20 Max Op. Relative Humidity Non-Condensing (%) 100 Warm-up Time (minutes) 15 Minimum Response Time (ms) 48 Analog Linearity (mm) +/- 0.5% of full-scale span Barrel Diameter (mm) 30 Minimum Window Size (mm) 10 Remote Teach and Laser Control Input Impedence 55 kΩ Discrete Output Hysteresis (mm) 2.5 Ultrasonic Frequency (kHz) 228 Max Off-state Leakage Current (µA) 10 Power/Current Consumption (exclusive of load) 90 mA Supply Protection Circuitry Protected against reverse polarity and transient overvoltages Feature: Remote Teach Yes Feature: Clear Object Detection Yes Feature: Timing (Hold/Delay) No Feature: Chemical Resistant No Feature: Quick Disconnect Yes Application: Ultrasonic Yes Common Ethernet Protocol No IO Link No PROFINET No RS-232 No RS-422 No RS-485 No SSI No Wireless No 1-wire Serial Interface No Profibus No

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