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AX5901-0000 | AX-Bridge quick connection system (power), for AX5x01 up to AX5125
For Servo Drives up to a rated current of 40 A, the AX59xx AX-Bridge enables the simple and fast connection of several AX5000 units to form a multi-axis system by means of plug-in power supply and connection modules.
The AX590x power supply module is simply snapped onto the Servo Drive. The AX591x connection module with integrated busbars is suitable for multi-axis systems and combines mains input, intermediate circuit, 24 V DC control voltage and brake voltage. In combination, the AX590x and AX591x modules enable fast installation and commissioning.
integration of power supply, DC-Link, 24 V DC control and braking voltage
connection module with power rail system, current carrying capacity up to 85 A
straightforward installation and disassembly without additional wiring
visible and safe contacting
Active DC-Link and brake energy management
With the AX-Bridge the DC-Links are automatically through-connected: This enables an economic energy balancing between axes.
short-circuit proof
intelligent utilization of all available system braking resistors
elimination power loss

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