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C6920-0000 – BECKHOFF

C6920 | Control cabinet Industrial PC
The C69xx Industrial PC series is characterized by its compact design, the robust aluminum housings, and an especially wide choice of components and interfaces.

Equipped with 3½-inch Beckhoff motherboards, C69xx Industrial PCs range from the very small C6905 for applications with medium performance requirements to the C6930, a high-performance platform for highly complex applications in manufacturing systems engineering, using, for example, the TwinCAT automation software.

C6920 and C6930 are equipped with the latest Intel® Core™ i7 or previous generation processors for performance-hungry applications in the field of machine automation.

C69xx | Industrial PC series for control cabinet installation
Industrial design
The compact aluminum housing of the C69xx Industrial PCs is equipped with a 3½-inch motherboard. All PC connections are on one side of the housing. The PC can optionally be equipped with mounting plates on two sides and fastened with screws in the control cabinet. Installation is possible at the rear panel or on the right-hand side panel.

Highest data availability and data security
The C69xx series PCs are supplied with a 24 V DC power supply unit, optionally with integrated uninterruptible power supply (UPS). A battery pack can be connected externally and installed on a DIN rail close to the PC.

Scalable performance
Cooling fins behind the right-hand side panel enable fanless operation of the PC at temperatures up to 55 °C. The four types of Industrial PCs in the C69xx series differ in their processors and data storage devices.

The C6920 with Intel® Celeron® or Core™ i3/i5/i7 of the latest generation has an easily exchangeable fan cartridge on the underside of the housing.

Central EtherCAT control
Industrial PCs of this series and a Beckhoff Control Panel with DVI and USB connection make an ideal combination and offer a high-performance control platform for mechanical engineering applications, particularly in conjunction with the TwinCAT automation software under Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, up to the 6th Generation of Intel® Core™ processors also under Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows Embedded Standard 7, with Intel Atom® also under Windows Embedded Compact 7. Due to its two independent Ethernet interfaces, the C69xx is ideally suited as a compact central processing unit for an EtherCAT control system.

Flexible expansion options
The C6920 control cabinet PCs can be expanded by two slots for standard PC cards up to 190 mm in length. The 70 mm wider PC housing (see illustration above) includes a backplane that provides a choice of two PCI slots, two PCI-Express slots or one PCI and one PCI-Express slot. The plug-in card connections are located on the top side of the PC. The plug-in card slots are arranged on the right side of the PC. An aluminum cover on the front of the slot expansion enables easy installation of the plug-in cards without having to open the housing of the computer core. The slots are powered internally by the PC power supply unit.

Advantage at the very core: the Beckhoff Industrial PCs
Beckhoff is a pioneer in PC-based automation technology and has been developing and producing its own PC hardware since 1986. The technology know-how that has grown over the past decades is incorporated today into all Beckhoff Industrial PCs. Their principle feature is the use of state-of-the-art components and processors of the highest performance class. Combined with a high in-house production depth, including proprietary motherboard production, long-term component availability, extremely flexible configuration and customer-specific adaptations, Beckhoff presents itself today as one of the world’s leading Industrial PC manufacturers.

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