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Motor connection cable 0.75 mm² with itec® plug for motors with OCT, drag-chain suitable
Motor cables for AM81xx servomotors to EL72xx-0010 and EL72xx-9014 servomotor terminal with OCT
Motor cable with 0.75 mm² wire gauge, highly flexible, drag-chain suitable
Technical data Head A
Installation size itec® (Series 915)
Connector type plug
Contact type female
Number of positions (face) Power: 3+PE, Signal: 5
Wire termination crimp connection
Body color black, similar to RAL 9011
Technical data Head B
Installation size open end
Number of positions (face) 8-wire + shield
Technical data Meterware
Cross-section (power) 0.75 mm² (approx. AWG18)
Cross-section (signal) AWG22 (approx. 0.34 mm²)
Use drag-chain suitable
Material jacket PUR (polyurethane)
Outer cable diameter 11.0 mm ± 0.4 mm (0.433″ ± 0.0157″)
Jacket color orange
Technical data
To top
A1 44.00 mm
A2 19.00 mm

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1 in stock