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HNL01.1E-0200-N0125-A-480-NNNN – BOSCH REXROTH

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TYPE CODE HNL01.1E-0200-N0125-A-480-NNNN
Product description
In combination with the line reactors, the converters and power supplies achieve higher continuous DC link powers. They reduce harmonics in the mains current, preventing problematic mains feedback. When using power supplies with in-line regeneration, these coils must always be used. This combination makes it possible to constantly comply with the permissible EMC values for industrial networks in accordance with EN 61000-2-4.
Permanent current TO 125
Energy dissipation W 170
Nominal inductance µH 3 x 200
TO mm 230
B mm 295
C mm 148
Mass kg 24

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