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X20BC0063 – B&R

I/O configuration via the fieldbus
Extensive device, module, and channel diagnosis according to PROFIBUS DP standard
Communication with X2X Link I/O nodes even works when some nodes are missing or without power
PROFIBUS DP is based on the physics of the RS485 interface. Data transfer is controlled using a hybrid bus access procedure: Active stations receive communication rights via a token passing procedure and can then access all stations on the network according to the master-slave principle. The maximum time of circulation for a token can be configured, which results in a defined cycle time.

Access represents various services for the user for both cyclic and for acyclic data transfer.

This bus controller makes it possible to connect X2X Link I/O nodes to PROFIBUS DP. It supports PROFIBUS DP with all of its options and other additional properties. In addition to the device, module and channel diagnostics provided in the PROFIBUS standard, it is also possible, for example, to switch to the slot diagnostics option in S7 format.

X20 or other modules based on X2X Link can be connected to the bus controller. The configuration of the modular system is optimally supported by PROFIBUS DP.

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