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“Model: EZAEBK1001
Brand: Lenze
LENZE x400 keyboard L-Force operator panel for Inverter 8400
Stateline & 9400 Series. Backlit graphic display with BACKLIGHT. It has 4
LENZE EZAEBK1001 x400 keyboard L Force is used for the diagnosis and parameterization of the drives. It supports servo drives
9400 and inverter 8400.
The operator interface provides the operator with a means to start and stop the engine and adjust the operating speed. Additional operator control functions could include reversing and switching from manual speed adjustment to automatic control from an external process control signal. The operator interface often includes an alphanumeric display or indicator lights and counters to provide information on the operation of the drive. An operator interface keyboard and display unit are often provided on the front of the VFD controller, as shown in the photograph above. The keyboard display can often be wired and mounted a short distance away from the VFD controller. Most also have input and output (I / O) terminals for connecting buttons, switches, and other HMI devices or control signals.
Depending on the model, the operating parameters of a VFD can be programmed via: dedicated programming software, internal keyboard, external keyboard or SD card. VFDs will often block most programming changes while running. Typical parameters that need to be set include: motor nameplate information, speed reference source, and brake control. It is also common for VFDs to provide debugging information such as error codes and input signal states.
in the main menu, you will find the self-explanatory “” Keyboard “” menu.
In the “Keyboard” menu you will find the parameters through which you can
adapt the keyboard
to your needs:
# Settings for the LCD display:
– Duration and brightness of the backlight
– Contrast
# Initial values:
– Display after initialization
– Display of error messages
– Representation of integers
# Function of the STOP key
In the “Keypad” menu it is also possible to call up status information on the
– Production data
# Hardware version and software version
# Serial number”

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