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1507560 – PHOENIX

SAC-5P-M12MS/ 5,0-920/M12FS – Bus system cable
Bus system cable, CANopen ® , DeviceNet™, 5-position halogen-free, shielded, Plug straight M12, coding: A, on socket straight M12, coding: A, cable length: 5 m

General notes Other products with variable cable length are available in the Accessories section

Product type Data cable packaged
Sensor type CANopen ®
No. poles 5
Application Standard
Number of cable outlets 1
Shielded Yes
Encoding TO
Insulation characteristics
Overvoltage category II
Degree of pollution 3

Bus system CANopen ® /DeviceNet™
Signal type/category CANopen ®

Status reporting No
Status indication available No

Mass resistivity ≤ 5mΩ
insulation resistance ≥ 100MΩ
Rated voltage U No 48V AC
60V DC
Rated current I No 4 A
Transmission medium Copper

Mechanical data
Maneuver cycles ≥100

Color Handles black
Flammability class according to UL 94 HB extension
Gasket material NBR
Handle material TPU, flame retardant, self-extinguishing
Contact material CuSn
Contact surface material Ni/Au
Contact insert material TPU GF
Screw connection material Zinc die cast, nickel plated

Contact | color (signal definition) | contact (optional) 1 (Male) | SR (Shielding) | 1 (female)
2 (Male) | RD (V+) | 2 (female)
3 (Male) | BK (V-) | 3 (female)
4 (Male) | WH (CAN_H) | 4 (female)
5 (Male) | BU (CAN_L) | 5 (female)

Connection 1
Guy M12 straight male
No. poles 5
Encoding type A (Standard)
No. poles 5
Connection 2
Guy M12 straight female connector
No. poles 5
Encoding type A (Standard)
Ambient temperature (operating) -25°C … 90°C
No. poles 5

Cable length 5 m
CANopen ® /DeviceNet™, PUR, violet 920
Quoted design
Line weight 90kg/km
UL AWM Style 21198 (80°C / 300V)
No. poles 4
Shielded Yes
Cable type CANopen ® /DeviceNet™, PUR, violet 920
conductor structure 2xAWG24/19+2xAWG22/19
Line signal conductor structure 19×0.13mm
AWG signal line 24
Conductor section 2x 0.25 mm² (Data line)
2x 0.34 mm² (Supply voltage)
1x 0.34 mm² (flexible conductors applied)
Wire diameter with insulating sheath 1.95mm ±0.05mm (Data line)
1.4 mm ±0.05 mm (Supply voltage)
Conductor outer diameter 6.7mm±0.3mm
Outer sheath, material EVEN THOUGH
Outer sheath, color reddish lilac RAL 4001
Conductive material Tinned Cu wire
Material, wire insulation PE foam (Data line)
PE (Supply voltage)
Single conductor, color red-black, blue-white
Stringing in pairs 2 pair conductors
Shielding type in pairs Plastic coated aluminum foil, aluminum side out
Whole stranding 2 pairs around a flexible conductor applied in the core of the soul
Optical shield cover 80%
insulation resistance ≥ 5 GΩ*km (Data line)
≥ 5 GΩ*km (Supply voltage)
Pair resistance ≤ 181.80 Ω/km (Data line)
≤ 114.80 Ω/km (Supply voltage)
characteristic impedance 120 Ω ±10 % (at 1 MHz)
Line capacity name 40 nF/km (data line)
Nominal cable voltage ≤ 300 V (peak value, not for high currents)
Test voltage wire/wire 2000V (50Hz, 1min.)
Test voltage wire/shield 2000V (50Hz, 1min.)
Minimum bend radius, fixed 5 x D
Minimum bend radius, flexible 10 x D
Bending cycles, maximum 5000000
Shield attenuation ≤ 22.9 dB/km (with 1 MHz)
≤ 16.4dB/km (at 500kHz)
≤ 9.5dB/km (at 125kHz)
Absence of halogens according to DIN VDE 0472 Part 815
according to IEC 60754-1
Flame resistance IEC 60332-1-2
According to ISO 6722-1 5.22 (UN ECE R 118.01)
More resistance non-adherent
Ambient temperature (operating) -40 °C … 80 °C (cables, fixed installation)
-30 °C … 70 °C (Cables, mobile laying)
-20 °C … 60 °C (with installation)
-20 °C … 60 °C (cable, e-chains® insert)

Environmental conditions
Degree of protection IP65

Item number 1507560
Pieces/pack 1 Pieces
Minimum order quantity 1 Pieces
Sales code BF1CKD
Product code BF1CKD
Catalog page Page 433 (C-2-2019)
GTIN 4017918900359
Weight per piece (including packaging) 315.5g
Weight per piece (excluding packaging) 315.5g
Customs Tariff Number 85444290
Country of origin PL

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