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2961105 – PHOENIX

REL-MR- 24DC/21 – Single relay
Pluggable miniature power relay, with power contact, 1 PDT, input voltage 24 V DC
Product type Single relay
The kit includes 2966171 PLC-RSC-24DC/21
2966184 PLC-RSC-24UC/21
2966113 PLC-RSC-48DC/21
2966472 PLC-RSP-24DC/21
2966485 PLC-RSP-24UC/21
2966498 PLC-RSP-48DC/21
2900299 PLC-RPT-24DC/21
2900300 PLC-RPT-24UC/21
2900301 PLC-RPT-48DC/21
2966210 PLC-RSC-24DC/1/ACT
2967345 PLC-RSP-24DC/1/ACT
2900312 PLC-RPT-24DC/1/ACT
2903370 REF-0-RPT-24DC/21
2903374 REF-0-RSC-24DC/21
Operation 100% ED
Mechanical durability 2x 10 7 maneuver cycles
Insulation characteristics
Overvoltage category III
Degree of pollution 3
Maximum power dissipation under nominal conditions 0.17W
Test voltage (Winding/Contact) 4 kV AC (50 Hz, 1 min., winding/contact)
Excitation side
Rated input voltage U N 24V DC
Input voltage range 14.4V DC … 66V DC
Input range with respect to U N see diagram
Typical input current with U N 7mA
Typical excitation time 5 ms
Typical dropout time 2.5 ms
coil resistance 3390 Ω ±10 % (at 20 °C)
Contact version 1 changeover contact
Switch contact type Simple contact
Switching behavior of the drive system monostable
contact material AgSnO
Max. switchable voltage 250V AC/DC
Min. switchable voltage 5V (at 100mA)
Permanent load current 6 A
Max. inrush current 10A (4s)
current min 10mA (at 12V)
Max. switching power (resistive load) 140 W (at 24 V DC)
20 W (at 48 V DC)
18 W (at 60 V DC)
23W (at 110V DC)
40 W (at 220 V DC)
1500 VA (at 250 V AC)
Breaking power 2A (at 24V, DC13)
0.2A (at 110V, DC13)
0.1A (at 220V, DC13)
3A (at 24V, AC15)
3A (at 120V, AC15)
3A (at 230V, AC15)
Motor load according to UL 508 1/4 HP, 240 … 277 V AC (make contact)
1/6 HP, 240 … 277 V AC (NC contact)
Connection Plug / solder connection
Quoted design
Length 5mm
Height 28mm
Depth 15mm
Environmental conditions
Degree of protection RTIII
Ambient temperature (operating) -40°C … 85°C
Ambient temperature (storage/transport) -40°C … 85°C
Rules/Regulations IEC 60664
EN 50178
EN 61810-1
Instructions for assembly can be placed side by side without distance
Installation location at choice
Item number 2961105
Pieces/pack 10 pieces
Minimum order quantity 10 pieces
Sales code CK6195
Product code CK6195
Catalog page Page 284 (C-5-2019)
GTIN 4017918130893
Weight per piece (including packaging) 6.9g
Weight per piece (excluding packaging) 5 g
Customs Tariff Number 85364190
Country of origin cz extension

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