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504220 – PILZ

PSEN 1.1p-20 / PSEN 1.1-20 / 8mm / 1unit
Article number: 504220
2 n / o magnetic safety switch, M8 4-pole male connector, rectangular model, height 13 mm, IP67, switching distance 8mm, package content = 1 pc. with actuator.
General data
Approval CE
cULus Listed
EAC (Eurasia)
Sensor principle Magnetic
Lev. coding sec. ISO 14119 low
Classif. sec. EN 60947-5-3 PDDB
Series connection suitable No
device version Unit
Technical data
Electrical data
Supply voltage (V) 24 V
Type of supply voltage U1 A.D
Switching voltage 24 V
Environmental data
Room temperature -10 – 55 ° C
Exposure at humidity sec. norm IEC 60068-2-30
Humidity indication 93% RH at 40 ° C
Exercise altitude admitted above the sea level 2000 m
EMC acc. norm …. EN 60947-5-3
Vibrations sec. Norm … EN 60947-5-2
Acceler. shock sec. Standard 1 30g
Degree of contamination 3
Degree of protection custody

Mechanical data
Type 1 Actuator PSEN 1.1-20
Flush mountable sensor Yes, follow instr. by Assembly
Connection type M8, 4pol. bad
Mater. Super part case. PBT
Height 36 mm
Length 26 mm
Depth 13 mm
Net weight 31 g
Gross weight 41 g

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