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DIN box inductive transducer conditioner SX3120
Meggitt (Sensorex) SX3120 module is an inductive transducer conditioner (LVDT, RVDT and
half bridge).
This module has a very simple and practical zero and scale adjusting with dipswitch and
Connections for power supply, transducer and output signals are made by screw terminals to
facilitate maintenance and installation.
This industrial unit in polyamide PA PHOENIX type EM may be plugged into any common DIN
EN track (EN 50022 standard).
Mechanical & environmental characteristics
Fixing Track DIN EN 50022
Dimensions (mm) 115x100x23
Box material polyamide PA
Connecting Screw terminal
Protection IP 20
Inflammability VO (UL94)
Vibrations 2g (white noise)
Weight Approximately 130 g
Operating temperature 0°C to +70°C
Storage temperature -40°C to +85°C
Temperature stabilization time 15 minutes
Electrical characteristics at +25°C
Power supply 15VDC to 28VDC
Maximum consumption 50mA
Maximum gain 33
Minimum gain 0.2
Bandwidth (2nd order filter) 400Hz
Voltage output 0-10VDC or ±10VDC
Output short-circuit current (voltage output) ±22mA max
Non linearity (voltage output) ±0.04% of FS max
Electrical noise (voltage output) 15mV (peak to peak)
Current output 4-20mA
Load resistor (current output) 600Ω max
Output impedance (current output) 40MΩ max
Oscillator frequency 3.5kHz or 5kHz ±20%
Oscillator sine voltage 1.1Veff or 2.2Veff ±10%
Oscillator primary impedance 140Ω min at 2.2Veff or 60Ω min at 1.1Veff
Excitation frequency thermal drift 100ppm/°C typ.
Sensitivity thermal drift 100ppm/°C
Zero thermal drift 100ppm/°C
Selection guide
Product reference 690 223 120

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