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1050706 – SICK

G6 miniature photocells
Art. Code:
Device type Photoelectric sensors
Principle of operation Photoelectric reflector sensor
Principle of operation in detail Double lens
Distance max. detection 0.03 m … 6 m 1)
Detection distance 0.07 m … 5 m 1)
Polarized filter Yup
Emission range
Light source PinPoint LED 2)
Nature of light Visible red light
Light spot size (distance) Ø 8 mm (350 mm)
LED parameters
Wavelength: 650 nm
Setting Nobody
Electrical data
Supply voltage U B 10 V DC … 30 V DC Limit values, operation in short-circuit protected network up to 8 A.
Residual ripple ± 10% U v Cannot overshoot or undershoot the tolerance values.
Current consumption 30 mA Without load.
Protection class III
Digital output
Signal voltage PNP HIGH / LOW U V – (≤ 3 V) / approx. 0 V
Output current I max. ≤ 100 mA With Uv> 24 V, IA max = 50 mA.
Response time <625 µs Signal duration with ohmic load. Switching frequency 1,000 Hz With 1: 1 light / dark ratio. Switching type Light on / dark on operation Switching mode selectable Selectable, via light-on / dark-on switch Protection switches A ) U V connections protected against polarity inversion. B 8) inputs and outputs protected from reverse polarity. D 9) Outputs protected against overcurrent and short-circuit.

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