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1088689 – SICK

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“UE410-SD Safety Analysis Module
Note The UE410-SD safety evaluation module can work with one or two pairs of MultiPulse sensors. The actuator can be connected directly to the UE410-SD safety analysis module. It is also possible to extend the safety chain by adding other logical elements (e.g. a higher level safety controller).
Configuration type Via connection cable
Number of sensor pairs that can be connected 1 or 2
Connection type Spring terminals
Pulse frequency of the sensors 10 Hz
UV supply voltage 24 V DC (19.2 V … 30 V)
Protection class III (EN 50178)
Degree of protection IP20 (EN 60529)
Ambient operating temperature -25 ° C … 55 ° C
Response time of the entire safety system (sensors and safety analysis module) ≤ 160 m “

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