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3RT1936-1TR00 – SIEMENS

Article number (MFN) 3RT1936-1TR00
Description Diode combination without LED, 24 V DC, surge arrester, pluggable at the bottom, frame size S2 and S3 !!! Discontinued product !!! Successor is SIRIUS 3RT2 Recommended successor is >> 3RT2936-1ER00 << Product Family Unavailable Product Lifecycle (PLM) PM490: Start of final Year of support PLM Effective Date Product canceled as of: 01.10.20 Note Product no longer available Successor SIRIUS Innovation 3RT2 For more information, contact your Siemens representative Price Details Discount code / Headquarter discount group 5PG / 41B Metal Factor It is not Delivery information Control provisions Exports ECCN: N / AL: N Minimum production time 20 Day / Days Net weight 0.018 Kg Packaging dimensions 42.00 x 57.00 x 40.00 Package size unit of measure MM Unit Quantity 1 piece Packing quantity 1 Additional product information EAN 4011209383814 UPC 754554502601 Customs code 85363010 LKZ_FDB / CatalogID CC-IC10 Product group 3729 Group Code R711 country of origin Czech Republic Compliant with RoHS directive. RoHS compliant since: 01.07.06 Product class C: Products made to order. They cannot be reused nor can they be returned. Obligation category to collect electrical and electronic equipment after use Yup REACH Art. 33 Duty to inform according to the current list of candidates Reach Information

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