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DP8045-08 – VEMER

Main technical features:
Height: 45 mm
Width: 41 mm
Thread: M8
Type: Octagonal
Operating voltage: DC / AC 1000V
Tensile stress: 1300 daN
Compression stress: 8300 daN
Bending stress: 750 daN
Rated withstand voltage at 50Hz for 1 minute: 12 kV
Main features:
Color: red RAL-3002 (on request and for large quantities they can be supplied in a different color)
Arc resistance:> 180 s – ASTM D-495
Material: self-extinguishing in class V0 (1.6 mm) according to the UL-94 standard
Operating temperature: – 40 ° C ÷ +130 ° C
Water absorption: <0.2% - ASTM D-570 Tracking resistance: 3 W / min - ASTM D-2302 For fixing, see the section "GV Series Accessories"

From: 4,50  EXCL.